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The future of Work


soma story image 1
soma story image 1

Change where you work, not how you work

Soma brings people together and allows teams to work across different time zones and settings without losing a sense of community.

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soma story image 2

Soma is the space your business grows

Focus on empowering businesses by providing a productive workplace that replicates the energy of the in-person office culture.

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soma bridge banner

Closer Apart, Farther Together


Get the space you need

Soma has the workspace to cater to your team’s needs! Onboard your company with a few simple steps!

Bring back the small talk

Working in Soma is no different than in real life. Catch your colleagues as they walk across the office or get together and hold spontaneous conversations instantly!

Get together and collaborate

Explore resources like TVs, meeting rooms, grouping features, and more collaborative tools to ensure that your team meetings are engaging and productive!

Organize events

Coordinate vibrant community events or workshops at the FortyTwo Conventional Hall, or hold interviews and catch-up sessions at The Hub!

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An innovative workspace.

Experience Soma.